Coronavirus and the Club: Part 3 - Adapting to New Conditions

If you didn’t read the last section, I’ll give you the quick summary.  A lot of things are uncertain right now.



 Nothing is F*ck%d.


That said, there’s a lot of fear and concern in the community about how this pandemic will affect workspaces, earnings, and future plans.


Let’s talk through some options.  As always, remember that I’m NOT A FINANCIAL PLANNER OR GURU.  When I say let’s talk, I mean it.  Drop comments on social media, feel free to (respectfully) disagree, and only act on your plan and using your common sense:


  • Emergency Fund Time: remember that emergency fund you put away all those years ago? The one you thought you’d never need, but stacked up anyway? 

Well, if you didn’t touch it it’s still sitting there, waiting for you.  Just make sure that before dipping in, you explore every other option for bringing in cash.  While this situation could be over quicker than we think, some estimates are putting the effect at more than six months.  Hold off until it’s the only option, and even then, be careful not to move through funds too fast. And speaking of other options…


  • Switch it Up: in-person work doesn't have to be the only option.                    If you’ve been meaning to set up that Onlyfans or Private Snap, have always wondered about camming, or have a sugar daddy waiting in the wings, it may be the time to try. By the way, diversifying isn’t only about doing other kinds of sex work.  Even if you only want to stick to your current field, this may the time to invest some energy into your non-industry side hustle – especially if it’s digital or remote in nature.


  • Hit Them Up: regulars; got ‘em? I know, I know.  You don’t necessarily want to rely on these people, or maybe you don’t want to hit them up for cash unless it’s really necessary.  But believe me, they’re feeling the impact of this too.  A quick “just checking in – have you been OK with all this stuff happening?” Or; “Hey, just thinking about you and yours this week -stay safe” can lay the groundwork to rekindle old connections – and means if you do have to ask for funds, your first text out of the blue won’t be “hey, can I have “$$$?”


If You Go In: 
  • IF you go in: AKA, don’t go in if you’re feeling sick. This one is big – maybe you’re healthy but YOU DON’T KNOW WHO WON’T BE ABLE TO HANDLE GETTING SICK AT YOUR WORKPLACE.  Do not go in if you’re showing signs of sickness.  You don’t know if you’re risking someone’s’ parents, child, or life. 


  • Wash your hands, bb: this one is so important! You’re touching money, strangers, and most likely some amount of bodily fluids (sweat, spit from a sneeze or cough, etc.). Don’t touch your face and remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and with some energy – especially before and after using the bathroom or going into the locker room!


  • Clean up! Everybody, everywhere. If your club is not proactive about getting a cleaning crew to be thorough, you and your co-workers may have to improvise.  Bring disinfectant from home.  Wipe down that pole like you mean it.  Bring your own wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.  And talk collectively with management about how they’re handling this situation!  


  • Be clear on boundaries: maybe you’re usually alright with bodily fluids or high-contact lap dances – it’s 100% OK to let customers know that policy has changed! Watch out for behaviors that may be alright at other times, but that may put you and others at risk if done now. “Babe, please don’t do that – I want to make sure we both stay healthy” is a calm, kind way to remind customers to hold the line.


  • Watch that phone: When we check our devices, our brains usually go into zombie mode.  Can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen wiping every single surface down with disinfectant, then picking up their phone just to absentmindedly mess with their hair and pick their nose – or rub their unwashed hands all over the screen, then put it on their mouths!


  • Save the F&^K UP! We don’t know how long this is going to last. I’m hoping that in a few weeks this will all be behind us – but it’s looking like it may be longer than that.  Now more than ever, make sure if you’re working, you’re putting your money away and not touching it for anything but essentials.


  • Be Prepared. Important: panic is NOT the same as preparedness.  You don’t need to go buy up the whole grocery store or stash miles of toilet paper.  However – as more and more cities put in rules and shut down events, people are getting scared.  You should plan ahead for that- especially because it means that even if you’re just trying to do a normal grocery run, some stores may be out of items or have lines out the door. 


Make sure that your home has the basics stocked, that you hit the grocery store before the panic hits your city (it’s a real thing, just went to grab a few things for dinner and literally most shelves in my city were empty), and that you have a plan of action for you and yours. 


And finally, check in with yourself and others:  this may be a scary or frustrating time.  It's really important to build in some alone time for the things that recharge your batteries.  Take that extra few minutes to meditate or to snuggle or to do some yoga.  Whatever gets you in a good place is extra important under stressful conditions.

And don't forget to check in with others.  You can't tell who has a weakened immune system by looking at them - just like you can't tell which friend is taking on extra financial responsibility or under pressure to pay bills or care for an ill family member.

Remember to be compassionate, be kind, and let's all help each other out through this. 

Sending you so much love today.

How are you doing? How's your city? How are you managing the next few weeks/months of potential missed income?  

Talk/vent/share/be kind to each other!

For updates and more information as this unfolds, let's connect on all the socials: @rackstoriches on Instagram, Youtube, and RAXX.