Reviews: 101 Lines and When to Use Them

Reviews: 101 Lines and When to Use Them

"The Racks to Riches materials have been the best money I've spent on any Stripper or SW geared courses. If I had had something like these products available to me at the beginning of my SW career, it would have saved me so much time and increase my earning potential more than I'd like to lament on. Lol.

I'm less than halfway through but I've already learned a ton of ways to maximize that earning potential in the club that have nothing to do with lines. Don't get me wrong, the lines are great, but she's teaching you how to come up with your own lines, too! I know the price point seems high to some but it's a very reasonable price relative to the value it will bring you."

- Remedy, Portland, OR

"In just a few weeks, I’ve gone from moping out of the club with bruises and just enough to pay the babysitter, to strutting into & out of the club making 8X as much as that! 101 Lines is completely and utterly life changing."

- Farrah, Austin (Less than 1 year of experience)

"I literally just bought the 101 lines course a day after it dropped. I've been binge reading it since I was sick and couldn't work. I'm not even finished yet and I already can't wait to implement what I've learned so far. I've spent around $400 on courses already and yours by far is the most comprehensive and helpful even though it's one of the pricier ones (rightfully so).

It's actually useful and not just basic knowledge being sold for more than its worth, and doesn't heavily rely on implying extras. This course called me out lol and opened my eyes to a lot of the problems I've been having (sitting around with a guy for an hour only to get a measly $50 because I was scared to make it about money or they felt like we're friends now and it would be weird to get a dance or room) while giving me solutions for each one."   

- Anonymous

 "I’m only halfway through the online course and HOLY CRAP. In just a few weeks, I’ve gone from moping out of the club with bruises and just enough to pay the babysitter, to strutting into & out of the club making 8X as much as that!

101 Lines is completely and utterly life changing for any person who wants to work this industry to better themselves inside and outside of the club. (I have even been implementing some of Carmen’s tactics in my career in the music industry and it works wonders there too! And with my kid! And just life in general!) I 100% mean it when I say that Carmen is straight up going down in history for what she’s doing to elevate people in the sex industry, and for women like me who never really knew their worth. INVEST IN 101 LINES! You will thank yourself."

Farrah Flosses Austin, TX

"I’ve been dancing for about five months, and this course is a godsend.It contains so much valuable information that if applied, can yield serious results. After reading the section about asking for tips, I implemented a few of the strategies mentioned, and in one shift I made over $200 in tips on my dances ALONE.Considering I am 18 and have to spend lot of my shift sectioned off from the rest of the floor, that’s not too shabby. Overall, it has been very helpful, and I’m excited to keep reading."

- Evee, Eugene, OR

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