Baby Stripper Starter Pack


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  • Recorded webinar from January 12, 2020
  • Video tutorials: audition process, how to give a lap dance, how to perform on stage
  • Lifetime access to the digital course, tutorials, and extended Q&A recording
  • E-book of all the material covered (and a secret link to purchase a printed book when you sign up)
  • What happens if they say no at an audition? What’s a housefee? A tipout? How much do I have to pay to work?
  • How much of the job is dancing? What if I’ve never gone on stage before or given a lapdance?
  • Do customers get to touch me? How much? Do I only get paid for going on stage?
  • What if the other dancers don’t like me? Who’s in charge at the club? What happens if something goes wrong?
  • What do I wear? Do I drink at work? How much is a “good” shift? What if I have a terrible shift? How do I get back up?

All Dancers Have Thought These.

Because getting your foot in the door can be a scary thing.

But it doesn't have to be.

In the recorded webinar, we break down the process of showing up as a professional adult entertainer- from auditions, to searching for clubs, to putting together an outfit, to your first day, week, and year in a competitive sales environment. What's covered: 

1. Setting goals and expectations about the industry: what being your own boss really means.

2. Preparing for auditions: where, when, and how to approach auditions like a pro.

3. Starting on a budget: how to look like a million dollars without spending like it.

4. The day of: showing up for auditions ready, what happens if they say yes, and what to do if they say no.

5. Getting it right: avoiding common mistakes, establishing great habits, and planning ahead.

The course comes with: a lapdance tutorial, a stage set tutorial, and a conversation tutorial - so you can get the foundations down packed!