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10 Sales Commandments - September 8, 2021 at 5 pm EDT

10 Sales Commandments is the ultimate sales training event for adult entertainers.

If you're in need of a big motivational boost, you need to join 10 Sales Commandments on Wednesday, September 8th at 5 pm EDT. We'll dive deep into the hard, frustrating parts of selling at the strip club in this 2-hr live webinar plus Q&A session - and start taking action with your workbook.

Whether you're burning out, getting stuck building rapport, getting beat down by customer objections and rejection, or forgetting to ask for a tip for the thousandth time, you have one of two choices:

1. Stay comfortable, avoid change, and tell yourself, “That’s just how it is. Can’t change it. I’m alright where I’m at.”  Or…

2. Be the type of person that commits to MASSIVE growth, bigger sales, and seizing new opportunities.

Which will you choose?