101 Lines and
When to Use Them

LIVE 8-week session! Starts Sept. 15

An 8-week interactive course for entertainers who are serious about upping their sales skills

Enrollment closes Sept. 10


Dedicated Timeline for Learning

You'll get a clear timeline and organized course structure – so you can walk in knowing exactly what you’re going to get out of the 8-week course experience. Plus you get lifetime course access so you can go back and re-watch as often as you'd like!

Easy-to-Follow Lessons

Let’s face it: after a long day of work or on your way to a shift, it’s tough to make the time to sit down with a written text to go through content. The new modules are all 10-15 minute videos with easy-to-follow concepts, clear explanations, and actionable next steps.

Group Calls & Community Support

Rehearse your lines in a group setting with peers during our roleplay parties to practice what you've learned. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded industry members as you go through the material in this course together!



Course Overview


Week 1: Orientation

Welcome calls, goal setting, mIndset and attitude.


Week 2: Approaching

Presentation, branding, verbals and nonverbals, and troubleshooting approach objections.


Week 3: Rapport

Connecting with every customer, building trust, and bringing up money (fast).


Week 4: Roleplay Party!

Time to practice your skills with peers!


Week 5: Closing

Setting your closes apart, getting past timewasters and budget-buyers, and our own internal dialogue.


Week 6: Upselling

The power of stacking (dances and hours), when and how to upsell, tips on tips, and tag-teaming.


Week 7: Roleplay Party!

Come work on closes and upsells!


Week 8: Leveling Up

Regulars, scheduling, travel, and going digital


Meet your Instructor

Carmen is an active adult entertainer with 8+ years of experience inside the strip club and over a decade of experience in research, communication, and education. She loves five-figure nights, investing in real estate, and travel.




What Students are Saying

"When 101 Lines came out I had reached a plateau in my earnings and was ready for a boost. I am SO glad I made the investment in the course and wish it had existed sooner in my dancing career. I'm grateful for the course and highly recommend it to dancers at any stage of their careers!"

Luna Lucas (Jan 19 2020)


"I am making the best money I’ve ever made because I chose to invest in myself with this course. This course is incredible. It teaches you how to take pressure off yourself by giving you a strategy while you’re out on the floor instead of leaving it up to “luck” or worse, the customers! It is all up to us. I feel so in control of my sales and approaches."

Anonymous (Jan 15 2020)

"I’ve been dancing for 2 years and I’ve always felt like I was struggling to organize myself and like I was missing out on so much money because there were so many things I still needed to learn. This course has helped save me so much trial and error. Thank you Carmen for breaking it down for us!"

Lexie (Jan 15 2020)

"101 lines provided answers to questions I didn't know I had. It takes sales training and the hustle and directly relates it to what we are working on at the club. It has made me 100 times more confident, excited, and productive at the club. My earnings have gone up MASSIVELY - over 100%. And I so appreciate the overall collaborative energy and attitude of building other dancers up in a space that sometimes can feel competitive.

Anonymous (Jan 16 2020)


"Carmen does it again! Racks to Riches 101 Lines and When to Use Them will drastically change how you not only view stripping, but also how you hustle. Personally, my success rate DOUBLED! Overall, this course is definitely worth the money. Invest now!"

Sunshine from Grand Rapids (Oct 21 2019)

"I’m only halfway through the online course and HOLY CRAP. In just a few weeks, I’ve gone from moping out of the club with bruises and just enough to pay the babysitter, to strutting into & out of the club making 8X as much as that! 101 Lines is completely and utterly life changing for any person who wants to work this industry to better themselves inside and outside of the club. (I have even been implementing some of Carmen’s tactics in my career in the music industry and it works wonders there too! And with my kid! And just life in general!) I 100% mean it when I say that Carmen is straight up going down in history for what she’s doing to elevate people in the sex industry, and for women like me who never really knew their worth. INVEST IN 101 LINES! You will thank yourself. "

Farrah (Oct 29 2019)


"I’ve fully enjoyed this course and how comprehensive it is. It’s full of information you won’t find anywhere else and has more information in the first couple chapters than some courses combined. It’s one of those courses that you have to sit down and immerse yourself in and keep checking back on. It will call your ass out, but I find that truly helpful and motivational. For every problem you’re having in the club, there’s a solution. It goes far beyond lines too, as helpful as they are. But it’s also about your mindset and attitude and Carmen knows how crucial that is to your earnings. This course is worth the money and every dancer should invest in it. You’ll see the money you spent on it come back to you quickly."

Aria from NYC (Oct 21 2019)

"The Racks to Riches materials have been the best money I've spent on any Stripper or SW geared courses. 101 Lines feels like a massive labor of love by a mystical stripper fairy godmother who wants to see us all succeed. Except she's real. You should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from her. If I had had something like these products available to me at the beginning of my SW career, it would have saved me so much time and increase my earning potential more than I'd like to lament on. Lol. I'm less than halfway through but I've already learned a ton of ways to maximize that earning potential in the club that have nothing to do with lines. Don't get me wrong, the lines are great, but she's teaching you how to come up with your own lines, too!"

Remedy from Portland (Oct 22 2019)


"Having been a dancer for close to 7 years, I was getting stuck. In every way. From finding excuses not to go in, to accepting objections from customers... I was in a rut of my own creation. 101 lines helped me realize that I have what it takes to be one of the top earners at any club I go to. Thank you so much!"

Anonymous (Jan 29 2020)


"This course has reignited my passion for dancing. I felt lost and burned out before using strategies from this course to rebuild myself from the ground up."

Maddie from Sydney (Oct 21 2019)

""She's making this too easy for me!' --- me at work every night since purchasing 101 Lines and When to Use Them. After nearly a decade in the industry, the effects of stripper burnout plagued almost all of my shifts. Following the advice of Racks to Riches COMPLETELY transformed my work flow and renewed my faith in my ability to make money as a stripper before I had invested even one dollar into them. I used the knowledge they shared freely to acquire the funds to purchase 101 Lines and When to Use Them. Not only have I seen my income TRIPLE in the two weeks since purchasing it, but I have also seen the change it has made in my mood at work and the mood of everybody I interact with! For the first time ever I don't feel like I am gambling with my body and time and to me, that in and of itself is priceless. I praise Racks to Riches daily and am so grateful for this resource and the potential it brings to the community."

Strippa Yoga from Tucson (Oct 22 2019)


"I love the 101 lines course because it mixes specific lines/phrases with the *why* and the *how to* behind them. It’s not just quick lines and it’s not just empty mindset talk. It’s an amazing combo of concrete, practical tools and great explanations to back them up."

Bella from Salt Lake City (Jan 16 2020)