Our products all come with:

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Don't love it? Not getting a return on your investment? That's on us. If our products don't deliver, get your money back with our guarantee. Please note: for the bundles, we can only do returns on the entire course. Please read through the course curriculums, reviews, and make sure that you're ready to put in the work before committing to our products!
  • A+ Customer Service: Racks to Riches comes with much more than the courses. We've built a program centered around you - and that means from shipping and returns to content questions and follow-up, we're here for you. With your purchase, you'll get Carmen's direct line to ask sales questions, reach out, and get the support you're looking for without extra "mentoring" or "consultation" charges. Our products are backed by service - because support should never cost extra.
  • Comprehensive, quality content: this isn't a 40 page e-book or a short list of scripts. All our courses go beyond the "What" and give you the "Why" - so you can build a sales system that works for you - at your pace, with your biggest goals in mind. That also means we back our courses with evidence. You'll find resources, further reading, and a community of top-notch, top-sales entertainers inside each of our courses.