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101 Lines and When to Use Them - Fall 2021 (International)

This is an interactive group course that starts on September 12th. Course modules open up on a weekly basis. 

This version is for International buyers. Click here if you are in the U.S. and want to order. 

Start earning what you're worth with 101 Lines & When to Use Them.

101 Lines & When to Use Them is the reliable way to start living up to your potential as an entertainer.

With 101 Lines, you'll get: 

8 Weeks of Video Lessons covering Mindset + Attitude, Approaching, Rapport, Closing, and Upselling 

Bonus Lessons on using the stage, sex appeal, working with management, and asking for tips 

Course Workbook featuring key takeaways and exercises to put lessons into action

Exclusive Course Groupchat with vetted industry members 

Roleplay Parties with your peers to practice your lines and drill on how to handle objections