Become a Collaborator

If you have articles, review pieces, short stories, or great interviews that you'd like featured, we want to share your work with the world.


We'll be paying for each accepted submission, and are looking for sex workers all over the world and from every side of the industry. 


You must own the rights to your work (including any images).


To submit: 

- Proof and edit your complete, unique piece.  We will not consider drafts, ideas, or pieces that need serious editing or re-working.  Send us what you want your audience to see, please!

- We are looking for new and original content.  That means if you have already sold a piece to a publication or if it is widely available on other platforms, it may not be a great fit.  Please note if your piece has been published, and where.  

- Include any images, styling notes, and citations that will go along with your piece.  Please double-check that your citations are current and that any URLs listed are live.  

- Please include how you want to be cited.  We need a stage name, a city or state/province, and a short biography of your experience (about a paragraph).  If you want a photograph included (it doesn't have to show your face or identifying information) please attach it.  

- Submit your article to: Please include in the Subject: topic and length of piece. 

*Note: submitting your materials to does not guarantee acceptance of or use of your work.


While we're not a large publishing house or news organization, we understand that putting together a compelling article takes time - and that your time is valuable. 

That's why we're paying per-article and per-series for chosen pieces and stories.

Our starting rates are: 

  • $25 per short-form review, list, or opinion article.
  • $35 per mid-length pieces, compelling anecdotes, and well-crafted advice pieces.
  • $50-$100 per long-form series (4+ articles, connected by a theme) 
  • $100-$150 for long-form investigative pieces with accompanying video, audio, or other highly engaging material. 

Please note that if your piece is chosen, you'll be agreeing that we are able to post it across our social media, digital platform, and in print in perpetuity- your work will be cited and you will be given credit anywhere that we share it. 

If your piece is chosen, we will contact you through e-mail to notify you. 

Proofing and Paperwork

As we go through articles, we may make small syntax or diction changes, proof dates/events, or cross out names or identifying information.  If you send an article, you're agreeing that we have the discretion to make these small changes before publication.  

For any larger changes (removing or adding sections, changing broad areas of the wording or the structure, etc.) we'll contact you before making an offer.  If you're willing and able to make changes, we'll be glad to offer ideas/edits, and work together to make something we're both happy about before moving forward! 

Once we have a finished piece, we'll collect a signed release form that gives us permission to share your piece.  You'll be able to choose your payment method (Paypal, Zelle, Cashapp, or Venmo) and will be paid upon receipt of your piece.

Looking forward to hearing from you!