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101 Lines (Self-Study) 2022

101 Lines (Self-Study) 2022

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Save $100 with the Self-Study Edition of 101 Lines 

Are you approaching with confidence? 
Building rapport that actually gets you paid?
Negotiating fearlessly? 
Closing and upselling consistently?

Let me help you get there!

If you're ready to be a top earner, you NEED 101 Lines & When to Use Them.

Inside you'll find video lessons covering every step of the selling process within the club: mindset + attitude, approaches, rapport, negotiation + handling objections, closing, upselling, and more. 

101 Lines & When to Use Them (Self-Study) includes: 
  • ​101 Lines: INSTANT access to over 9 hours of content 
  • Exclusive groupchat:  connect, learn, and grow with like-minded entertainers

Baby Stripper Starter Pack

Wondering how to nail your audition so you can get hired? Got it. 

Don't know how to give a lap dance? I'll show you.

Never done a stage set? Got you covered there too!

In this comprehensive course, I'll give you a clear process you can follow so you can show up as a professional, prepared, and effective stripper on DAY 1. 

We'll go step-by-step through the hiring process, building a sales strategy that works for your club, and creating long-term habits to save you moneystress, and uncertainty in the future.

You'll get instant access to all of the modules so you can learn at your own pace and revisit any areas that need extra attention. As an added bonus, we'll include an e-book of resources and exercises to help you take action by applying what you learn. 

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    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
    Baby Stripper Starter Pack
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