Working Big Events 101 (What I wish someone would have told me!)


I’m taking Mardi Gras easy this year, but big events happening again have me thinking about Final Fours, Superbowls, Festivals, and seasonal travel.  On that note, here are some tips to make traveling for big events easier, more profitable, and worth doing again! 

1. If possible, audition ahead:

Clubs get so busy that everything gets harder in events - housing, transportation, auditions, tours, and getting to know the club rates and the staff. Taking a short trip at least a few weeks before gives you the lay of the land, and means you can hit the ground running when it counts.

2. Plan for long shifts:

The magic of big events is rarely easy, quick money. It’s usually big money…for those that have the stamina and patience to sift through the crowds. If you’re working a big event, you won’t know when the big spenders will walk in - so, practice powering through long shifts before it counts.

3. Make limited offers:

It’s busy. It’s loud. They’re drunk/celebrating/tired. This isn’t time to roll through every option in your club. Decide what 1-2 things you want to offer, and practice how you’re going to offer them. Example: “It’s 1,000 for the hour. Ready?” Big spenders will move faster when you have that level of confidence, and having a secondary offer (“well, we can start with a hundred and then you’ll be begging me for the room”) for budget buyers means you’re giving everyone a chance to make the right choice.

4. Move on!

If you’ve been letting yourself sit around and nurse customers, start practicing the art of moving on! If you sit for free, there’s no getting that time back or getting paid for it - so practice making lots of offers while you’re there, and moving on to the next one quickly if they’re not biting.

5. Make BIG asks:

If your customer’s face drops when you ask for an amount, start assuming that it’s because you asked for too little. I mean it. Not every customer can afford to tip in the thousands or do multiple hours…but assuming the one in front of you can’t afford to spend big is a really really easy way to miss out on the big spenders! (

And no, that doesn’t mean you have to ask the club regular that only gets one lap dance and has a $20 budget to give you thousands of dollars; although even then it would cost you nothing and all you’d hear is “no.” The point is: use your discretion, but don’t stop yourself from aiming high).


And for the sake of all that’s good....have fun! You’ll only be here as this version of yourself once. Don’t let anyone else’s stress, anxiety, insecurity, or expectations seep into your day. Drop a tip for working big events in the comments/drop a question so someone else can answer it!

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