Why You Need a FREE OnlyFans Page

I want to chat with you about a really, really useful promotional strategy when you are on subscription-based platforms, like OnlyFans. and how you can use this strategy to increase your subscriber count on your paid pages, create another place for generating income, and how it can make your life so much easier as you're going through the process of building an audience.

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Here’s why you need to have a FREE OnlyFans page.

If you are on OnlyFans, you already know that you're setting your own subscription price. You get to decide how much people are going to pay to see your content. And you also probably noticed when you created your page, that you were given the option to make it free. If you don't have already have a free page, it's probably because you looked at that and you were like...

"Why in the world would I be putting in any energy, time, and effort to deliver a FREE product?!"

And I get it. I 100% hear you - why in the world would you do that?

But let me ask you this... if you’re against putting in energy, time, and effort for something that provides zero monetary return - why in the world are you on social media at all whatsoever? If you are on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., I really want to ask you, when did you ever cash a check from Facebook or Instagram or Twitter?

Yes, you may have converted people into buying something from you from your social media accounts, but you never got directly paid on those platforms. But imagine if you did.  Imagine if your Twitter feed let you collect tips, let you sell clips, let you interact with potential customers, and gave you a giant megaphone where you could tell everyone and their Momma, "Hey, I am making content. The content is really good. You already have your credit card in the system. You already trust and use this system regularly. Oh, and you can also pay me right here, right where you are, without committing to a recurring subscription right now."

If that sounds like an amazing idea, let me introduce you to having a free page on OnlyFans. Having a free page is an amazing promotional tool. It gives you the opportunity to create an additional stream of income and it doesn't have any of the censorship or restriction issues that you would find on a lot of those social media platforms where content creators are trying to promote. 

These are all really, really great reasons to build a free page right now. But you're also probably wondering, Carmen, “How am I going to get people into this free page? If I'm having trouble getting people to subscribe to my paid page, why would I want to create a whole other workflow, a whole bunch of other stuff I got to do? How does this actually help me if I still have to get them to subscribe to my page?”

Here’s why creating a free OnlyFans page makes sense. 

1. Free = easier to convert into a subscriber

    When something is free, it's a lot easier to get people to sign up for it. If you have a free account, it's going to be infinitely easier for people to just click and subscribe because it's low risk for them. 

    And while it still takes time and effort to grow your following, there are plenty of ways you can drive people to your free OnlyFans- whether that's through your social media, cross-promotion with other content creators, or through paid promotion. 

    Bottom line: it's so, so much easier to get them IN the door when they're not paying upfront to see it.

    2. More opportunities to sell once they’re in the door

    Once you get them in the door to see your amazing content, it's so much easier to keep them around because they really don’t have much reason to leave (unless your page delivers nothing). And by the way, what you have to deliver on a free page is so much less than on a paid page because expectations should be low. Remember, they are getting it for $free.99, so don’t stress about putting up fresh new daily content every day.

    That being said. I want you to really, really think through how you can make this free page valuable for a subscriber. How can your free page be more than just a place to promote your paid page - how can it be its own source of income. There are creators who are using their free page MORE than their paid page to sell content, and it can be just as much income as your paid. It could be more income than your paid. It could also generate less income than your paid page, but still be a substantiative chunk of change.

    How can you make money from your free OnlyFans page?

    1. Sell content

      Usually, on your paid pages, your customers are going to be able to see every post that you put on your wall. 

      But on free pages, you can create posts that customers have to pay to unlock. This could be video clips, photos - whatever you’d like. So, as soon as someone goes to your free page, they can read your really tantalizing description of what’s waiting on the other side once they unlock your post, decide "I want that", and then just click to buy it. It's that easy.

      2. Ask for a tip

        On top of being able to sell your content, you also have a tipping feature for your posts. So, if your posts are really cute, or if you know how to engage your audience, or if you're doing some kind of contest for the week, or you're creating a campaign and asking people to contribute, you can ask for a tip and collect money off your posts. 

        3. Pay Per View (PPV) Messages

          And one of the most powerful tools (available on both free and paid), is your messages. Set the price, write a captivating caption, schedule it to send, and sit back as you watch your audience start buying and checking out your content. And most importantly, your customers can start interacting with you directly, get to know you and your brand, your services, and get excited about buying your paid content.

          How can you promote your paid OnlyFans page using your free OnlyFans page?

          So, as you’re building your free page, sharing all this content, engaging your audience, getting paid tips - you can also be heavily promoting. What’s a super-easy way to do this? 

          Post once a day on your free page something like: "Thank you so much for being here. Love that you're on my page. Remember, if you want to see all of my uncensored content, or if you want to see full videos on the timeline, you can go over to my premium page. Here's the link. By the way, I'm doing a special promotion for new subscribers. First 10 people get it for [insert number] percent off."

          Thanks for reading and hope this post changes your mind about having a free page! It’s really a fantastic place for you to pull in new customers, promote your paid page, interact with potential subscribers for your paid, and has the potential to be another additional income stream for you.

          If you decide to start a free page, please consider using my OnlyFans referral link here: https://onlyfans.com/?ref=24731922

          And if you don't use mine, use someone's that you care about and that you want to see succeed, because it does help other creators out when folks use their link.

          If you’re excited about diving even deeper into these topics, check out our Going Digital course here. In the course, we walk you through how to set up your pages on subscription-based platforms like OnlyFans, and how to run your online content creation like a business. The course covers the fundamentals of growing your online business quickly and efficiently -  everything from your pricing, your understanding of scheduling, your batching, your organization, your video editing, your equipment list, your promotion, engaging your audience, and so much more! 

          And if you’ve used this free & paid page strategy, share how it worked for you in the comments below.

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