How to Be a Stripper: Why Are You Here?

What do you know about strippers?  In the last few years, movies (Hustlers), TV Shows (P-Valley), and celebrity strippers (Cardi B) have been in the news.

 Luxury living, money flying down in clouds, and the chance to make it big….who wouldn’t want to be a stripper?

Popular culture shows one side of the industry, but if you’re just getting started as a stripper, I’m gonna take a guess that your immediate reasons aren’t fame and glory.  

You’ve probably got bills to pay, loans with an interest rate, groceries to buy, maybe a medical bill or two, and a paycheck that doesn’t even come close to covering all of that! 

Why would I guess that? 

Because that’s why I got into this business. 

And most of my work friends started out the same way - not for clout, but to cover some pretty basic needs that weren’t being met. 

Here’s the truth though:  

I still know plenty of folks in the industry who are struggling with these same things. Basic living expenses, much less luxury goods, are NOT a guarantee in the strip club industry! 

In fact, most of those popular culture descriptions of the industry miss the mark on what it’s like day-to-day.

Stripping isn’t just stage shows and customers making it rain.  Navigating the industry takes patience, effort, tough skin, and some top-notch money management and sales skills.

Without those, you may be dancing, but could still be dealing with the same issues you would have in any other job.

So, how do you know if stripping is right for you? 

There’s no perfect formula, but…

A great starting place is figuring out exactly what your reasons are for showing up at the strip club - and what your goals are going to be once you get started.

Take the quiz below to find out if you should become a stripper and quit your day job!

Ready to get started as a stripper?

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In this comprehensive course, we give you a clear process you can follow to show up as a professional, prepared, and effective stripper.

Wondering how to audition to become a stripper? It's in here!

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