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"Carmen is so knowledgeable and confident. She answered all my questions+ gave some really good recommendations. I said I was nervous about starting but after this content, I feel fully confident and prepared for the club!"

- Cherri💋from Chicago, 1/22/20


"If it wasn’t for the work in the course, I probably would have procrastinated on auditioning. The webinar was last week and I just had my first audition tonight. I’m so grateful to Carmen for sharing her knowledge!

- Andromeda from Pittsburgh, 1/22/20


"I got the Baby Stripper Starter Pack because I was so nervous to start dancing and I was just binging hours and hours of YouTube videos and and scrolling through IG feeds till my thumbs went numb, trying to find answers to the questions I had, but nothing quite scratched that itch and gave the the info I needed. And then I heard Racks to Riches was putting out a guide for newbies. I read the whole thing in a day, I watched all of the videos and the webinar, and now I feel as prepared as I can for my audition! It's a total lifesaver."

- Roxy from Chicago, 1/21/20


"Very detailed! I feel prepared to ace my first audition."

- Britt from Denver, 1/18/20


"I enjoyed the Baby stripper webinar. I loved how Carmen brought in so much good energy. The course was great IMO... Hands on which works best for me. I would def recommend. "

- Anonymous from Fort Worth/Dallas, 1/18/20


"I loved it. Super informative and great balance of work info and confidence-building techniques.

- Scarlett Moon from Minneapolis, 1/18/20


"I’ve been dancing for over a year but wanted to use this as a refresher on how to audition and be hired so that I can start venturing out to new clubs. This material was very helpful and worth every penny."

- Becky from Columbia, 1/18/20



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"I’m so grateful I found this resource because Carmen is one of the most insightful and altruistic strippers out there. I wish I had this earlier in life. The webinar was 2.5 hours long but every minute was worth it. Thank you so much." 

- Felicity from San Francisco, 1/15/20


"I have been thinking about becoming a dancer for a while now. I happened to come across Racks to Riches on Instagram and it stood out to me from other courses because everything is so organized and it truly seems like an awesome community. BSSP was a perfect intro to dancing and I learned a lot that I had no idea about! I now feel many steps closer to walking into my first audition and getting hired. Thank you for making me feel included already in this dancer community!"

- Elaine from Boston, 1/15/20


"I had been following Racks to Riches on Instagram for a while and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry just from her posts. I realized that her content was worth the investment and that I would gain priceless information from the Baby Stripper Starter Pack. The course made me realize how important it was to set intentions and goals for myself before starting my stripper journey and I could not be any more thankful for that. I definitely will be buying more courses in the future!"

- Dulce from Portland, 1/15/20