How to use the 6-Month Planner

The first-ever planner built for adult entertainers to help you organize, track, and work towards your personal, professional, and financial goals - inside and outside the club.

Emergency Savings

Fill in your start date and begin saving! Aim to put away $50 every shift and color in your progress to stay motivated and excited about creating your safety net. You'll be at $1,000 before you know it and then it's time to leave your money alone! Remember: this is your emergency fund. 

Use it for emergencies ONLY!

Monthly Overview

Use this layout to set your most important goal for the month and plan out your work shifts to meet your income goals. Start by adding in Month, Year, Living In (where you're living), and fill in the dates in the boxes. Then write out your most important goal for the month. 

Next, fill in your Monthly and Weekly Income Goals. Based on your average earnings per shift, figure out how many shifts you'll need to work to meet these goals. Plan which days you'll want to work, then add it to your calendar.

Financial Review

Use this layout to review your finances for the month. Start by adding in Month, Year, Living In, and your income Goals. Set aside time each week to calculate how you did for the week and keep track of it on this page. Take your Daily Overviews for that week, then add up your Hours, Gross Earned, Expenses, Net Earned, and Hourly Average.

Once you've added in details for the remainder of the weeks, add it all up and see how it compares to your Goal. Have your earnings gone up or down (+ or -)? Did you find ways to cut down on your work expenses? 

Great job on your tracking!


Now that you have your Financial Review of how you've done at the club, start tracking your personal expenses on the monthly Budget page. Add in each Bill/Expense item, Budget (estimated amount), Actual (amount actually paid), Due date, and Paid. 

At the bottom of the Budget sheet, add in your total Income from the Financial Review page and any additional Income you made outside the club. Next, tally up all the Bill/Expense amounts for the month and write it in. Fill in other amounts to deduct - like your Emergency Fund and Taxes. 

Finally, subtract Bills/Expenses, Emergency Fund, and Taxes from total Income to get your Balance for the month.

Daily Overview

Daily Overview is where you'll track the details of every shift. Make time at the end of each shift to fill this out. Start by filling in the Date, circle the day of the week, and the Club you're working at. Write out your Start Time, End Time, and total Hours worked.

Under income, write out your Total gross - this is the total amount of money you earned BEFORE any expenses. For Total net, you'll subtract Total expenses from Total gross. Once you have your Total net, divide it by Hours worked to figure out your Net hourly average. Use the Amount to goal section to see how much more you need to earn to reach your goal. 

Next, write out your expenses. From tipouts to house fees, fill in the dollar amount. To calculate the percentage for each item, take the expense amount and divide it by your Total gross. Move the decimal point two spaces to the right to get your percentage amount and fill it in. 

Weekly Review

Use the Weekly Review sheet to reflect on your past week. Fill in the start to end date for the week, then circle Yes or No for whether or not you met your goal. Next, write out your focus for next week. 

In the Wins section, write out 3 things to celebrate. For Challenges, keep tabs on 3 things you struggled with. Express gratitude for 3 things under the Grateful for section. Clap for yourself by writing out 3 things you are Proud of. And finally, identify 3 things you are Working on -  these can be areas where you want to improve or projects you're putting time and effort into.